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Creative Leadership Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Performance Poet & Comedian

“Louise has a passion and enthusiasm for developing people and organisations…”.

Creativity is innate within each of us — feeding our performance, innovation, and discovery. Learn to:


In a sea of uncertainty managing change requires an understanding of the challenges and the resources to manage change creatively so that everyone is emotionally engaged to their purpose and vision.


When Poetry Collides With Business

Why Businesses Need Creativity

Creativity. Many of us leave behind this bold, vibrant, vital force when we leave childhood. I’m here to tell you that this matters.  Why?  Because ‘Our creativity enables us to grow and develop; it emotionally engages us to our intuition, our heart, and our feminine consciousness, enabling us to act out of love and to step into our authentic self’.

Performance Poet & Comedian

“An eccentric mix of observation comedy and insightful poetry…always entertaining.”


Poetry and Plumbing

In Celebration of National Poetry Day 7th October 2021 It’s often strange where a poem can take you to in life as you craft it and this particular poem led to some fascinating facts that linked back to a poet.  As it’s National Poetry Day, it seemed...

Enrich Your Day

One of the exercises I invite my audiences  - as a guest speaker, but sometimes as a performance poet - and my clients to do is to smile from their toes. To get them out of their heads and back in touch with their bodies I remind them where they may be located – at...

Laughter and Wellbeing

‘Laughter is the language of the soul!’ -Pablo Neruda I take my work as a comedy writer and performer seriously! Many hours of effort go into the punch line of a poem or a gag.  It’s also possible to kill that one line with the wrong timing or emphasis when it’s being...

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