Creative Leadership Coaching for Individuals

“Creativity is innate within each of us.”

Do you feel stuck?
Unsure of your direction?
Or simply need some clarity?

Louise can help you steer through your challenges so that “suddenly you are back on track and all obstacles fall away”. Using her signature Golden Wheel coaching model, she will help you tap into the areas you most need to become free to develop. Then she will guide you in the next best steps to release your creativity and achieve your goal.

Change is constant. It is our ally in ensuring that we recognise the need for self-awareness, trust, and a willingness to be flexible. When we become stuck, uncertain, or encounter a crisis, we experience a loss of power. This story in our lives mirrors Groundhog Day—not because we want to keep repeating it, but because we don’t know how to change it.

In all good stories, a wise guide turns up when the challenges present themselves. This is where Creative Leadership Coaching enters your story. What you most need now is to:

  • Establish where you are now and why
  • Identify what’s in the way
  • Determine what changes need to occur to enable you to move forward.

“Louise is a gentle and fun teacher who uses a variety of material in her sessions making them exciting and creative.”  — More in Testimonials

Creative Leadership Coaching will enable you to gain clarity and direction, recover your inner power, refresh your thinking, and nourish yourself. You don’t have to serve in a formal leadership role to benefit from leadership coaching—as the leader of your own life.

The Golden Wheel

“Working with The Golden Wheel Coaching and Business Model, you will uncover new resources and recharge your batteries. Louise works “with such a flow of natural humour that this enables swift transformation in a fun way”.   — More in Testimonials

Louise always starts her coaching relationships with an informal, no obligation, discussion either in person or on Zoom. It’s important for both sides that, right from the very beginning, we build rapport – that quality that can be so elusive in the everyday, but is absolutely fundamental in coaching. Also, because we’re going to be travelling together, she likes to make sure that we’ve got the basics covered: departure point, arrival point, intervening obstacles.

Time and costs

The issues involved will define your best route as regards how long we work together; and she offers three coaching packages:

  • 3-month/6-session package, where we meet fortnightly for an hour, £900, payable in advance in 3 instalments
  • 6-month/12-session package, also fortnightly for an hour, £1800, payable in monthly instalments in advance.

In both of these packages you have access in between sessions by email.

Finally, there’s the bespoke option, in which she quotes for your stated requirements.

… about the direction you are seeking!