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Meeting The Challenge of Change

3 Session Coaching Programme


Meeting The Challenge of Change

3 Session Coaching Programme

  • Resolve a key issue
  • Re-energise
  • Refocus

Special Offer £335  (Usual fee £500)

Bonus: unlimited email access 

“My life went POW! I feel focused, energised and supported.”

How are you feeling?

A key decision holding you back?
An unexpected dip in confidence?
Become change resistant?

Do you have one issue that you’d like to resolve? We all reach points where we need to take time out to reflect, re-energise, and re-focus. You are your greatest asset and taking that time to invest in yourself is essential to your wellbeing and success. Whether you’re a business owner, MD, or an executive, with the Meeting The Challenge of Change 3 Session Coaching Programme you’ll have the opportunity to resolve that one key issue as well as refocus and re-energise.

If, for instance, you’re experiencing change resistance after such an extended period of enforced change, then this coaching programme can help you review your comfort zone habits and find new resources to manage change with equilibrium and enthusiasm.

In this 3-session programme using her innovative Golden Wheel Coaching and Business model, Louise will “quickly and accurately identify the problem, its root and the right solution.”

The first session is 1 ½ hours, followed by two one-hour sessions weekly on Zoom. And you have the added bonus of unlimited access by email in between.

What issue would you benefit from resolving ?

Begin by taking a look at Golden Wheel Coaching and Business model – the inner wheel specifically. See which 3 issues resonate, leap out at you or your intuition says ‘yes’ to. Then prioritise which is the key one to bring to your coaching programme.

Contact Louise to schedule a conversation about your issue now!

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