The Golden Wheel

Coaching & Business Model

The Golden Wheel Coaching and Business Model was created for women in business. It’s innovative, creative and unique.  It provides a structure to keep you focused and to refer back to as you steer through change.

It challenges the status quo and creatively encourages new pathways, solutions and ideas.

Each of the 10 Principles shows the connections between your leadership development and the business activities you need to undertake to navigate change and continue to build your business.

Let’s take Principle 3 Clarity as an example: Is your strategy not serving you?  What needs to change? Set new goals?  Undertake more market research?  Look at the inner circle and check whether you need time to reflect so you can listen to your intuition for clarity.

“The Golden Wheel stimulates ‘thinking outside of the box’. It’s a powerful resource at an individual as well as business level.”  DM, Business Owner

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