Team Workshops

Switch Off to Switch On Your Creativity

“Louise’s workshop is completely different to anything that the company has done in the past. But oh my! It REALLY worked…”

In a sea of uncertainty, managing change requires creativity, an understanding of the challenges, and new resources so that everyone is emotionally engaged to their purpose and vision.

Maintaining momentum, nourishing passion, raising productivity, and sustaining commitment from your key people are vital in our rapidly-changing business environment.

Louise’s signature workshop, switches on participants creativity to access “deeper insights into important personal and business challenges” through the transformative power of poetry. It is tailored to the client’s brief, or facilitated to a key issue such as recovering your inner power or the language of leadership and can be delivered in a half-day or full day workshop and on Zoom.

To achieve transformation, people must change behaviours and beliefs while clearing obstructions. They do this by discovering that if they Switch Off, they can then Switch On, clearing their blocks and uncertainty while accessing solutions, fresh thinking, and clarity. At the same time, they are recharging, relaxing, and refreshing; and they do it swiftly, because they are working with their creative selves.

The workshop will emotionally engage your key people, so that they form a unique bond. It will ensure they get back to who they are, what they do best, and what they love about their role.

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Key benefits are:

  • Empower and bond your teams
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Explore innovation, discover new ideas
  • Experience emotional engagement
  • Source insights and solutions
  • Relax, refresh, recharge

The nourishment of the team spirit is deepened by the co-creation of a group poem where each participant contributes and which I craft later. This demonstrates how the individual’s creativity benefits the whole group and captures the unique creative dynamics of the group. It serves as a reminder of our collective experience of creativity and the outcomes achieved, as well as an immediate poetic resource for dealing with stress and overwhelm.