Inspirational Talks

Louise E. Taylor offers highly engaging inspirational talks to help people in business Switch Off to Switch On! She’s delivered speeches for business groups, women’s groups,associations, charities, blue chip companies  and health and well being festivals.

Following today’s gdb Re-Energise Conference, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you for the support you gave us by delivering your wonderful presentation.  By reminding us how entwined our lives are with poems, you managed to evoke feelings in all of us today, and I think many of us will be motivated to revisit this medium and acknowledge the benefits it can bring, both personally and from a business point of view”.

Sample topics are below. Each session is highly customised based on your group’s desired learning objectives and event theme. Topics can be targeted to any industry and delivered in-person or virtually.


When Poetry Collides with Business—Why Businesses Need Creativity

Creativity is powerful; working with imagination, metaphor, and nature enables us to transcend our self-imposed and fear-generated limits.

Many of us leave behind this bold, vibrant, vital force when we leave childhood. I’m here to tell you that this matters. Why? Because our creativity can illuminate our individual paths to our authentic self. I believe that creativity is essential to our future and resolving many of our issues in business. It weaves through and benefits many essential skills and business activities and is a key leadership resource. What often blocks us, leaving our creativity shut down, is that we have forgotten the need to view the intuitive mind as a sacred gift and the rational mind as a faithful servant.


Have You Ever Been Eaten by a Poem? How Poetry Benefits Strategic Thinking and Relieves Overwhelm.

The often “unsung” power of poetry opens up new ways in which we use language. It changes how we think and requires the art of deep listening. As an art form, it is a vital resource to opening up creativity, reflection, and emotional engagement. Research has revealed that reading poetry can both enhance strategic thinking and ease overwhelm. In this session, Louise will help participants explore the power of poetry to re-engage with life, well-being, and each other and reveal how the “business of poetry” benefits companies.

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