My Creativity Manifesto

I believe that creativity can illuminate our individual paths to a more complete self. I believe that creativity is essential for our future and to resolving many of our issues in business. I want to see a world in which everyone fully inhabits their own creativity. I know that this is possible for all of us. Here’s my eight-point manifesto.

1. Creativity is innate within each of us:  it arrives with our birth and only leaves at our death – when others take up our creative legacy.

2. We can all be creative:  creativity is as much about how we are as it as about what we do.

3. We can all access our own creativity:  even if it’s lain dormant for decades, we can still re-connect to it.

4. Creativity is powerful: working with memory, metaphor and imagination enables us to transcend our self-imposed and fear-inspired limits.

5. Creativity is insightful: it illuminates parts of ourselves hidden from our logical mind.

6. Our creativity enables us to grow and develop:   it emotionally engages us to our heart enabling us to act out of love and to step into the bigger self that awaits all of us.

7. Working with our own creativity is safe, fun and revealing: enough said.

8. Creativity enables our life to become our best performance:  manifesto over