Shout the Sun

Shout The Sun

by Louise Taylor

(for Liam, aged 11)

The creative space is like breathing to the artist and once was to everyone when they were a child but to those whose creativity has been shut down its like crossing the Rubicon. Plunging naked into your creativity is about being willing to be vulnerable. It’s observing life through the lens of a child where worms are wondrous, puddles are for playing in and your imagination is all you are clothed in.

When life is tough

and full of stuff

not wanted,

scheme a dream!


Yip yap!

Rip rap!

Twist and shout!

There’ll be no doubt

you’ll win through.

When you’re stuck

in a rut

with a belly

full of jelly

that turns you inside up,

take a drop of joy,

become your favourite toy.

Leap and lark

from dawn til dark,

look up not down,

be the clown.

Wander barefoot in the sand,

feel the fun inside your hand!

Plick pluck it,

tuck it

under your chin,

take a break,

be a snake,

wiggle your toe,

then let go!

Shout the sun!

Be your fun!

Sparkle star on the beach,

nothing is ever out of reach.