Creativity.  It’s powerful, personal and present – in all of us.  Sadly, many of us leave behind the bold, vibrant, vital force that is creativity when we leave childhood. What often blocks us, leaving our creativity shut down, is that we have forgotten the need to ‘view the intuitive mind as a sacred gift and the rational mind as a faithful servant.’ (paraphrased from Albert Einstein’s writing: Bob Samples, 1976).

Your intuition, your essential business compass hangs out in your creative mind. If you allow your creativity to open up, ‘hearing’ those hunches becomes easier and clearer.  Creative people are more at ease with the unknown. A fear of uncertainty can cause untold stress and lead to poor decision-making.

What surprises many linear thinkers is that the seeming chaos of the creative process has boundaries.  In that chaos there is the intention of creating something and control has to be let go of in the creative space.  When I want to write a poem I have to allow my intuitive, metaphoric mind free rein, knowing that with reflection and editing – the boundaries – I will create one.

Resilience is another benefit of creativity; vital in today’s climate if you are to meet the challenges that are inevitable in business.  Reflection is second nature to the creative mind.  All artists know that if they put something to one side and allow the unconscious mind to work on it, the next step presents itself easily.  The same applies to business problems and personal development in business.  Understanding the benefits of being in the flow versus direct action (feminine/creative thinking vs. masculine/linear thinking) can reap benefits for entrepreneurs and business leaders alike in a rapidly changing world, since it can ease stress and present solutions.

Business skills can be learnt – by our intellect and through experience – but a creative approach to learning any new skill will ensure it is learnt more swiftly and anchored more easily – and involves fun!  Which leads to the huge healthy benefits of laughter, for without relaxation your creativity cannot be accessed.

If you want your self and your business to flourish take the time to honour your creativity and remember: You Can’t Cook a Poem like an Egg!

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