Recovering Your Inner Power

Recovering Your Inner Power

One Day Group Coaching Workshop

for Women in Business

Has your confidence, trust or self-esteem dipped?

Are you experiencing a lack of clarity in your own story?

Do you feel you’ve reached a plateau?


  • Identify your places of “power-loss”
  • Change your internal script and stories
  • Back in touch with who you really are
  • Doing what you love with greater confidence
  • Source insights and solutions
  • Relax, refresh and recharge

As women, our journey in business is one that can challenge us in many ways. Our greatest strength in managing our journey in business – and in life – lies in our inner power, an essential and powerful resource for leadership whether you are leading a team or managing your own business.

We all experience ‘power loss’ as we confront issues about our roles, the conflict of demands from our daily life with family and those of the work we do or the business we run. In order to recover your inner power, you need to identify where your power loss lies and to change behaviours and beliefs, while clearing obstructions in order to reclaim your power.

Working with poetry, story, and metaphor together with the guiding principles of The Golden Wheel, participants discover they can clear blocks and uncertainty while accessing solutions, fresh thinking and clarity. At the same time, they are recharging, relaxing, and refreshing; and they do it swiftly, because they are working with their creative selves.

This “deceptively simple’ workshop allows you to reclaim your inner power, nourish yourself, spend time in ‘play with purpose’ so that you are back in touch with who you are, what you love to do and are re-energised.

The nourishment of the group is deepened by the co-creation of a group poem where each participant contributes and which I craft later. This demonstrates how the individual’s creativity benefits the whole group and captures the unique creative dynamics of the group. It serves as a reminder of our collective experience of creativity and the outcomes achieved, as well as an immediate poetic resource for dealing with stress and overwhelm.